Architectural wood columns: pictures and ideas

Tree trunks undoubtedly provided inspiration for the first columns ever used in architecture. To this day, wood remains a valid and rather high-end option for both exterior and interior architectural columns. Here I have a little collection of various architectural wood columns.

Perhaps the most important distinction is whether or not to emphasize wood as the material used for any given architectural column. A coat of acrylic paint can easily make a wood column resemble a plastic or composite column, at least if you are looking at a distance. However, for a truly authentic look wood can be irreplaceable. Depending on the level of detail these columns can be quite pricey.

Painting wood columns allows designers to emulate and define many traditional styles, even the most extravagant.

Your second option is to expose the natural texture of the wood column. This is particularly desirable if you have the budget for elaborate carving.

Finally, in many cases the look of wood columns is needed even when there is no money to be spent on authentic wood.

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